The Westmont Public Library’s fiscal year is May 1 – April 30.

Operating Budget

Current fiscal year
FY19 revenue | expenditures | brief overview

Previous fiscal years
FY18 revenue | expenditures
FY17 revenue | expenditures
FY16 revenue | expenditures
FY15  briefdetailed

Budget and Appropriations

As required by Illinois law, the Westmont Public Library Board of Trustees approves an annual appropriation that restricts expenditures to designated purposes within a specific period of time.

Annual Financial Audit

Bids and Proposals

The Westmont Public Library is not currently seeking any bids.

Public Act 97-609

In accordance with 5 ILCS 120/7.3, information pertaining to benefits offered through the Illinois Municipal Retirement fund are available at the Westmont Public Library’s Administration Office and here:

FY19, effective May 1, 2018

Prevailing Wage

The Board of Trustees approved the Prevailing Wage resolution on June 19, 2018.

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