Culture Statements

These statements help explain who we are and define our values so the Westmont community knows what we expect of each other and ourselves.


We are committed to providing stellar public service. We foster staff’s strengths, talents, and passions to best serve our patrons. Every staff member is a Library ambassador and asset.


Learning on the job takes place every day and experimentation is encouraged. There is no penalty for taking a reasonable risk. We learn from each other and teach others what we know. Every staff member is a problem-solver and sees their work reflected in our successes and achievements.


We do more and achieve more as a team than as individuals. We listen to ideas and input and encourage inclusive collaboration at all levels. We laugh together and we coach, inspire, and cheer each other on in our professional endeavors.


We are proud of our work and our community. We are friendly and thoughtful during our interactions with each other and our patrons. We value communication and transparency. We encourage all staff to have work-life balance and enjoy life outside of the Library.