Organizational chart

The Library Board of Trustees oversees the Library Director, Julia Coen. The Director oversees management and administrative staff, as well as the work of the Village IT department as it pertains to the Library.

Reporting to the Library Director

  • Assistant Director, Colleen Seisser
  • Business Administrative Assistant, Michelle Mahlan
  • Manager of Adult Services, Natalie DeJonghe
  • Manager of Youth & Teen Services, Kristi Miller
  • Village IT for the Library

Reporting to the Assistant Director

Materials Services

Materials Services Supervisor, Marcy Biala

  • Materials Services Coordinator, Geri Barnett
  • Materials Services Acquisition Associate, Laura Folliard
Patron Services

Patron Services Supervisor, Sheila Ruh

  • Patron Services Associates: Susan Alm, Maddie Czerwiec, Edita Dirzys, Kristen Newcomb, Susan O’Bryan, Patty Page, Paul Storm
Marketing & Outreach
  • Communications & Outreach Coordinator, Aaron Hawkins
  • Graphic Artist and Web Designer, Kerry Barnett
  • Outreach & Senior Services Coordinator, Carmen Higgins

Reporting to the Manager of Adult Services

Adult Services
  • Adult Services Librarians: Sara Angel, Kimberly Monaco
  • Adult Services Assistant Librarians: Areeg Jibrin, Stephanie Larkins
  • Collection Development Specialist: Alex Carlson
    • Shelvers: Joe Ciucci, Jason Habich Zain Haque

Reporting to the Manager of Youth & Teen Services

Youth & Teen Services
  • Youth & Teen Services Librarians: Zoe Nepolello, Sarah Jane Nordan
  • Youth & Teen Services Assistant Librarians: Sara Alvin, Heidi Engel, Adrian Litwin