Check out items

In addition to Westmont Public Library cardholders, anyone with a valid public library card can borrow materials. Cards from 100+ other SWAN libraries are already registered in our system; if your public library isn’t part of SWAN, you can become a reciprocal borrower (someone with a library card from outside our system who is allowed to borrow materials) by visiting the Main Desk.

Checkout FAQs

How many items can I check out at one time?

A Westmont patron may have a maximum of 100 items at one time, including up to 30 DVDs, 30 CDs or audiobooks, and 5 video games.

How long may I keep items I’ve checked out?

Most items checked out from Westmont:

Library of Things items are non-renewable. In-Library items check out for 1 day and are for in-Library use only.

Please note that if you check out materials in person at another library, different loan rules and fees may apply.

How can I check when my items are due?

You can keep track of checkouts, due dates, and holds by logging in to My Account in the online catalog or by adding your account in the SWAN Libraries + app. Download the app SWAN Libraries + for iOS or SWAN Libraries + for Android.


How can I renew an item I’ve borrowed?

If no other patrons are waiting for it, an item checked out at Westmont Public Library (excluding Library of Things) may be eligible for up to 2 automatic renewals.

How do automatic renewals work?

  1. Two days before your item is due, the system will check for holds on the item.
  2. If no hold requests are found, your item will be renewed for an additional check out period, starting from the current due date. For example, if your DVD is due on June 5, the system will check for holds on June 3. If no hold requests are found, the DVD will be renewed for its full checkout period until June 26, three weeks from the original due date of June 5. Note: items can be renewed a maximum of two times, including both manual and automatic renewals.

For questions, please contact the Main Desk.

Fines & fees

You will not be charged any overdue fines for items checked out at Westmont Public Library that are returned late. Charges for lost or damaged items still apply. A replacement library card is $1.00. See our fine-free policy here.

Holds & requests

What if the Library doesn’t have the item I want?

  • Place a hold: The Library is linked to 100+ other area libraries in SWAN via our online catalog, allowing you to easily request items from neighboring libraries or place a hold on items that are currently checked out. Simply log in to My Account and place a hold; the requested materials will be sent to Westmont Public Library for you to pick up.


  • Borrow from other libraries: You can also visit other SWAN public libraries and check out materials in person with your Westmont Public Library card. Please note that if you check out materials in person at another library, different loan rules and fees may apply.


  • Suggest a purchase: If an item you’re looking for is not available at Westmont Public Library or any of the 100+ SWAN libraries* with which we share resources, we may be able to request the item for you from another library or look into purchasing the item for our collection.

    *You can search all materials from WPL and our SWAN neighbors through the online catalog.

    Westmont Public Library cardholders may fill out this form to suggest a purchase. Please provide your email or phone number so we can contact you about your suggestion.

How do I pick up my holds?

You will receive a notice by email, phone, or text* when your holds are ready to pick up. Holds are placed alphabetically by last name on the shelves on the left side of the lobby. We also offer curbside pickup.

*You can set or change your preferred notice method through My Account by following these steps. Please visit or contact the Main Desk if you need assistance changing your preferences.