Checkout Periods

How long may I keep the items I checked out?

The loan period for items checked out at Westmont is as follows:


  • Most Wanted Books*: 2 weeks, non-renewable, no grace period
  • New Books: 2 weeks
  • Books: 3 weeks

DVDs, CDs, and Videogames

  • DVDs: 2 weeks
  • Most Wanted DVDs*: 1 week, non-renewable, no grace period
  • CDs: 3 weeks
  • Audiobooks: 3 weeks
  • Videogames: 2 weeks
  • CD-ROMs: 2 weeks

Technology & Makery Kits

  • 3 weeks*
    • 3D Pen**
    • DSLR camera**
    • Go Pro camera**
    • Home Canning Kit**
    • Hotspots**
    • iPads**
    • Learn Crochet Kit**
    • Learn Knitting Kit**
    • Portable projector**
    • WiFi hotspots**
    • Wacom drawing tablets**
  • 1 day, in-library use only
    • Laptops
    • Apple and Android device chargers
    • USB Hard Drive
    • DVD and BluRay Writers
    • Sony Handycam


  • Magazines: 1 week
  • USB language tutorials: 2 weeks
  • Board Games: 2 weeks
  • Literacy bags: 3 weeks
  • Canvas bags: 3 weeks

Fines are $0.15 per day for items checked out at the Westmont Public Library after a 3-day grace period, unless noted.

*These items are non-renewable and do not have a grace period.

**These items are available to adult Westmont Public Library cardholders only. Technology items which circulate outside the library, including iPads, WiFi hotspots, Wacom drawing tablets, and the Go Pro Camera, must be returned to the Westmont Library circulation desk. They have no grace period, and they cannot be renewed. Fines are $1.00 per day.

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