The five worlds are dying. Mon Domani and its five moons (Toki, Salassandra, Moon Yatta, and Grimbo (E)) are overheating, causing a massive drought that is affecting the lives of all the inhabitants. The only way to save the worlds is to light their beacons – giant towers, each with a glowing orb – that exists on each world. However, lighting a beacon is no easy feat. It can only be done by a sand warrior who can wield sands from all five worlds.

The Sand Warrior, the first in a series, features a girl named Oona and two friends she meets on her journeys: An Tzu and Jax Amboy. The story has odd pacing; it moves too quickly through important scenes but drags through scenes of less significance. Diversity is lacking, with minimal representation of people of color and those who are included are largely in background roles. Despite the issues, this universe and plot are interesting. The art style is expressive and dialogue within the book is easy to follow. The color palette helps with visual foreshadowing in the book, with pastel colors used towards the beginning and during softer moments, while the colors get darker as the plot progresses.

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