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I Spy Saturday

Can you find all the items in these puzzles? Click on an image to enlarge it for a closer look!

We’re posting new I Spy puzzles every other Saturday on our Facebook and Instagram pages, so follow us to spot the latest pictures.

I Spy #1: I spy a tortoise and hare running a race, 3 billy goats, a troll, and a small fireplace. Jack and Jill, their pail, a cat on a rug, L I B R A R Y, and a little red bug.

I Spy #2: I spy a number of things: 1 pencil, 2 turtles, 3 girls, 4 cats, 5 lollipops, 6 ducks, 7 chocolate chips, 8 pennies, 9 jelly beans, 10 paperclips. Can you find everything on the list?

I Spy #3: I spy a large abalone shell. Can you find the other half? Can you find four pieces of fool’s gold? There is a bit of coral and a geode scrap. Can you find a piece of driftwood? Can you find the small blue stone? It is right next to a fossilized bit of tree.

I Spy #4: I spy a dinosaur, a little school house, 3 cones, a pig, and a tiny grey mouse. 6 trees, a cow, a spool of red thread, homes for 3 pigs, and a white bedspread.

I Spy #5: I spy ten concrete blocks, this Road Closed, because eight trucks have come out to play! Can you find the red excavator? Two dump trucks? Find the bulldozer and concrete mixer. Stop sign! A blue road roller, find it before it rolls away.

I Spy #6: I spy a little frog taking a rest, a bird in a bath, and 2 birds in a nest. A girl that is happy, an angry boy, 3 squirrels, 4 acorns, 3 tools, love, and joy.

I Spy #7: I spy four large footprints on the ground, dinosaurs scattered all around. Can you find three skeletons and six tiny dinos on the run? Two meat eaters and five giant palm leaves. Would you find the triceratops for me?

I Spy #8: I spy 6 gummy bears and a lemon drop, 5 jelly beans and a lollipop. A Twizzler, a candy cane, and four Swedish fish, 3 packs of gum, and 7 candy corn on a dish.

I Spy #9: I spy a big yellow pepper and two ears of corn, four artichokes, and green broccoli. Some yummy F-R-U-I-T-S—apples, oranges, and pears. Two bunches of carrots—these are root V-E-G-E-T-A-B-L-E-S.

I Spy #10: I spy a candle, a box for some mail, 3 clips, an apple, a boat ready to sail. 2 cows, a basket, a hat with some stars, a blue TV, and 2 kids in a car.

I Spy #11: I spy a lion hiding in tall grass… and a tiger with stripes who won’t let me pass. I spy a giraffe eating from a tree… and a hippo in a pool who is looking at me. The elephant and rhino probably weigh a ton. And when you spot the zebra’s stripes, this I Spy safari is done!

I Spy #12: I spy eight S-H-A-R-K-S, swimming ’round and ’round. Can you spot the black-tipped one? Two leopard sharks and a whale shark, too. Here comes a white shark, he’s so great! Those two hammerheads look like they just ate. And now a tiger shark is swimming this way.

I Spy #13: I spy 3 bears, a colorful bird, a monkey, 2 ducks, and a kitten that purrs. A dragon with wings, a bluebird that sings, 2 heart tags, and 4 tails that wag.


I Spy #14: I spy a paint box, a bottle of glue, 4 markers, some beads, and a crayon that is blue. Peace on Earth, yarn in a bow, some scissors, 3 brushes, and pink Play-Doh.

I Spy #15: I spy cookies galore. There is only one donut and I want more. This tea party is underway, can you count the spoons today? Find the plate with the fox. What animal is on the tea pot?

I Spy #16: I spy train cars, how about you? Can you find three green cars, too? There are three orange passenger cars and two red cars for you. I love T-R-A-I-N-S, big or small. Can you find the little train, chugging through the frame?

I Spy #17: I spy two canoes, a hose, a guitar, one bus, one plane, and a small yellow star. A ball for a basket, a ball for the beach, MINECRAFT, 4 rabbits, and a carrot for each.

I Spy #18: I spy a church with a tall white steeple, a train, a dog, and two red people. 20 green trees, a truck stopped at the tracks, 3 cars in a circle. Be careful, don’t crash.

I Spy #19: I spy a mouse, 2 rabbits, a pig, 3 people cookies—small, medium, and big. 1 chicken, 1 frog, 2 hearts in a pair, R-E-A-D, and a sweet teddy bear.

I Spy #20: I spy a monarch, orange and black, and a little green chrysallis hanging from a branch. 5 caterpillars starting to munch, 10 green leaves and 3 flowers in a bunch.

I Spy #21: I spy a blue bathtub, a handle, 2 spouts, a little pink toilet, 6 tools lying out. 2 pipes that are “T”s, 4 leaks in all, a sink for the kitchen – Is the plumber on call?

I Spy #22: I spy farmer McDonald in his pumpkin patch. Count the pumkins now with me, while farmer McDonalds looks for the milk for tea. The rooster is looking for his match, while the farmer has a pig to catch. The goat has started eating an ear of corn, and the cow is mooing so forlorn. Maybe its because the rooster has run off with a loaf of bread.

I Spy #23: I spy 11 cups for friends to drink a cup of tea, a piece of pie and an eclair treat. Is there a slice of chocolate cake for me? How many tea pots do you see? Little Red Riding Hood and the Wolf, 2 hedgehogs, and a fox. How many plates are here, let’s see?

I Spy #24: I spy 4 frogs and 2 fuzzy llamas, a bear that is pink and one in pajamas. A parade of animals 2×2, 3 little pigs, and a bird that says, “Whoooo.”

I Spy #25: I spy 3 snowmen, 6 snowflakes, 2 warm boots, cookies ready to bake. 3 brown bears and 2 bears white as snow, and warm fireplace, and a hoodie with a bow.

I Spy #26: I spy winter B-I-R-D-S gathering to eat some seeds. The downy woodpecker wants none of these. There are two cardinals and a little chickadee pecking at the ground. A brown house sparrow and a blue jay are flying ’round. A red-breasted robin is here, too. It’s starting to look like a zoo!

I Spy #27: I spy winter mittens to spare. You can pair them up: yellow, orange, pink, and blue. “I spy one mitten left out,” said the brown teddy bear. Don’t fret, you can still count the snowflakes by 1s and 2s.

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