Austin wishes his wife were dead, quite literally. Between his office job and a stressful home life, Austin welcomes the respite of a cold beer at his favorite bar. Then he meets Regina–an alluring, beautiful woman with a curious tattoo and new-age style. Over another beer, Austin finds himself making his wish out loud to Regina. The next day, Austin comes home from work to find Regina in his kitchen becoming fast friends with his wife. Regina  has moved in next door and would be happy to watch their baby daughter for them. All seems well until Austin finds his wife mysteriously dead at the foot of his stairs. Regina slowly inserts herself into Austin’s life in ways he could never have imagined.

John Everson’s newest book will keep readers that enjoy erotic horror glued to the page from the beginning to the harrowing end. The author draws the reader into a comfortable place. The town of Parkville seems like any other central Illinois town with its familiar Main Street features. Austin is relatable and his initial relationship with Regina seems genuine and warm. That fuzzy feeling will not last long, though, as Everson draws the unsuspecting reader in and turns out the lights to  a cacophony of screams. Form fitting to a time when Satan was everywhere in cinema and paperback horror novels (like The Exorcist, The Omen, and Rosemary’s Baby), the plot is a bit predictable in the overdrawn occult-child horror sub-genres from the very beginning. The journey to the end, however, is a fun, erotic blood bath that hits all the right notes.