Recovering from a burglary in her flat while she was home, Lo Blacklock, a travel journalist, leaves for the assignment of a lifetime: a one week luxury cruise with only ten cabins. What she hoped would be a week of relaxation, turns into a continuing nightmare when she hears someone tossed overboard in the middle of the night. As Lo searches for the missing girl she is sure she saw in cabin ten, she learns she cannot trust anyone on this cruise.

After Gone Girl and Girl on the Train were published, the market was flooded with novels with the mysterious plot in their titles. Unfortunately, many of them were predictable and left the reader knowing the ending halfway through. The Woman in Cabin 10 does not leave the reader with all the answers and many times gives just enough information to throw the reader off the trail. Ware adds in snippets from social media, newspaper headlines, and other bits of news that teases a possibility, but ultimately gives no answers to the most important questions: who is the woman in cabin 10, who died, and who is behind all of this?

The main character Lo is relatable as a twenty something woman trying to live with an anxiety disorder. The book deals with the struggles that people with mental illness face, especially with the stereotypes of people who take antidepressants. Her relationships on the boat are realistic: she struggles to work up the courage to network, has to deal with an ex-boyfriend being in a cabin down the hall, and interacting with wealthy individuals she has nothing in common with. When you add realistic characters and relationships with a plot that keeps the reader guessing, you get a quick, exciting read.

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