It’s the first day of school and Peachy the cat is thrilled to finally be old enough to join the school newspaper; she’s been looking forward to this day “fur-ever”! But when Peachy arrives for the first meeting, Principal Trunx informs her that the paper has been disbanded due to a lack of interest. Dismayed but determined to deliver the news, Peachy, with help from her best friend Keen the dog, sets out to create a digital magazine instead. The only thing standing in their way is a looming deadline to find other members and an advisor before Principal Trunx shuts the paper down for good.

This 96 page series opener about friendship and overcoming challenges boasts eight pun-filled chapters and a varied cast of animals, both real and mythical. Each page balances minor blocks of dialogue-heavy text with delightful illustrations, which range from a third of the page to a full page in size and are depicted in soft, refreshing pastels. Some of the humor is likely to be missed by the target audience (strong first and second grade readers who have moved past leveled books), but most jokes will land well and the tone is impeccable for delivering a kid-friendly message of perseverance.