After returning Steve Trevor to Man’s World, Diana finds herself detained in a military base. She’s alone, scared, and she can’t make anyone understand her. But then, she’s visited by the gods. Each of her patrons bestows upon her a gift, but what they are, they say will reveal themselves in time. Dr. Barbara Ann Minerva, Lieutenant Etta Candy, and Steve begin working with her, teaching her English and showing her the ropes. Her gifts start to reveal themselves at the mall they take Diana to, during an attack by the Sear Group… who are familiar for different reasons to both Dr. Minerva and Diana. What do they want?

This may be a Year One, but it’s especially interesting after reading Volume 1, because we are going back to the beginning after glimpsing the ending. The middle will be a great ride! It was exciting that they actually utilized a language barrier here when Diana enters Man’s World. It makes sense, and it made for some pretty fun moments! The art is wonderful, and Diana was portrayed with especial wide-eyed innocence here. It was fun to watch her learn her gifts for a change instead of knowing them immediately. There are lots of little cameos and hints to WW past that make the reader smile. A joyful, uplifting read.