A collection of 52 essays from comedian Sara Benincasa about some lessons she’s learned the hard way. Some of the essays she writes are things we know about already: life is too short for crappy friends, prioritize sleep, and make sure you floss your teeth. But some are surprising in both subject matter and just how good the advice is. The sixth chapter, titled “Put Your Clutter in Purgatory”, suggests putting that stuff around the house you don’t need but can’t bring yourself to get rid of yet in “purgatory.” Fancy term for a trash bag that gets left for a while until you can go through it again with fresh eyes. What a great idea! The rest of the essays include advice on topics primarily including mental health, confidence, taking care of yourself, and relationships both romantic and platonic.

Sara writes in a way that makes you feel like you’re getting advice from a trusted friend – one who is honest and doesn’t cut corners but nevertheless cares for you. The tone of the book is light and funny, but in a “let’s get down to business, we need to talk about this” kind of way. She is honest about her experiences – both positive and negative. She will make many readers feel like they aren’t alone. Though the book is marketed towards young adults, teenagers and adults of all ages will also benefit from this book.

Overall this is a book filled with great advice about how to take care of yourself, from an author who cheerfully leads you on.

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