Mr. Wolf is tired of being a bad guy. With the help of his friends Mr. Snake, Mr. Shark, and Mr. Piranha, Mr. Wolf has come up with a plan for them to be good guys. The four friends head out in Mr. Wolf’s super cool car to rescue kittens and do good guy things. After their first good deed is a success, the team decides to go bigger: they plan on breaking into the local pound to free 200 dogs.

This book is a hilarious graphic novel hybrid. The action is highlighted by comic style illustrations, and the exaggerated font enhances the slapstick humor.  Blabey uses pen, pencil, and watercolors to add depth to characters and backgrounds on every page. The monochrome palette complements these dapper bad guys, and pays homage to gangster movies of yore. Get to know the bad guys through the Metropolitan Police Department Suspect Rap Sheets; these illustrations are enhanced by the typewriter font and fine details like the paperclips holding the paper together. Get ready to laugh at the hijinks of this unlikely quartet; this book is a fun choice for readers who enjoy graphic novels. Luckily, this series continues with The Bad Guys Episode 2: Mission Unpluckable.