index.aspxFive Days Left by Jennifer Lawson Timmer is the story of two people connected through an online forum for parents with non-traditional parenting arrangements. Mara Nichols is a 42-year-old, Indian-Canadian attorney living with Huntington’s disease. She and her husband have an adopted Indian daughter. Mara connects with Scott Coffman, a married middle school English teacher from Detroit through the forum. Scott and his pregnant wife Laurie are fostering 8-year-old Curtis who is the half-brother of a former student of Scott’s.

In five days, Mara plans to commit suicide so her family doesn’t have watch her succumb to Huntington’s, a neurodegenerative disease with no treatment and no cure. In five days, Curtis will go back to his mother who is a recovering addict who will be released from jail.

The book switches between Mara’s and Scott’s points of view. I listened to the audiobook and actors Rebecca Lowman as Mara and Kirby Heyborne as Scott provide a pleasant change as they interact in the storytelling.

Timmer writes detailed thoughts and emotions for Mara and Scott as they go through their last five days. I could relate to them, but didn’t always agree with them. The storytelling is evenly-paced and emotionally charged. Be prepared with tissues as both characters learn to love and let go.

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