luckyusLucky Us tells the story of young Eva Acton and her beautiful sister, Iris, who ensure an unrelenting series of disasters. Chapter after chapter, the reader is left wondering if anything will ever turn out right for the girls and their odd group of friends and family that include their fake professor turned butler father, a male make-up artist named Francisco, a young orphan boy who becomes like a son to Eva, and Gus, a friend who gets falsely accused of being a Nazi and is deported to Germany.

Through abandonment, death, bankruptcy, kidnapping, brutal depictions of war, and heartbreak after heartbreak, the novel takes readers back to the World War II era with a solid combination of tragedy and comedy interspersed with occasional romance. In the end, nothing in life ever turns out the way we think it will, and this story uses that premise as a reason to hope for the good things we have yet to experience in life.

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