Horrorstör – a book that’s part ghost story, part satire, and part Ikea catalog (really).

Amy Porter is a partner at furniture store, Orsk, where strange smells, broken furniture, and odd messages greet the employees each morning. In an effort to keep their corporate overlords happy, Amy, her co worker Ruth-Anne, and her manager Basil, decide to stay late one night to investigate the strange happenings. Thinking that this is just an easy way to make some extra cash, Amy is in for a nasty surprise when she begins to realize that paranormal activity is at the root of the trouble. As the night goes on, things take a wicked turn for the worst, and Amy begins to wonder whether any of them will make it out of Orsk alive…

Normally I don’t go for horror. I just don’t like being creeped out. And Horrorstör is creepy – author Grady Hendrix employs some truly gross imagery to get that point across. But the satirical elements of the book help balance out the scary stuff without detracting from the story. Along with the fact that the book looks like an actual physical Ikea catalog, the not-so-subtle commentary about working in retail (the store was built on the site of a prison and the employees are haunted by prisoners), was much appreciated.

Horrorstör is a quick read, a fun concept, and an altogether fitting book for the season.

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