Ocean at the End of the Lane when it first came out last summer and loved every page. You meet a man who finds himself wandering to the old farm down the lane that he spent time at during his childhood. While there, memories flood back to him that he had long forgotten, about his friend Lettie, her mother and grandmother and the fantastical adventure they set out on when he was only seven years old. Monsters, magic and mystery are entangled in a story of growing up, finding yourself and true friendship.

I did not think anything could make me love this story even more, but I was wrong. I decided to listen to the audiobook version of it last month, and fell in love all over again. Neil Gaiman narrates many of his titles and gives them an added layer of life. I felt like through his words I was better able to understand the characters and how they felt. He excites listeners with multiple voices without getting too childish. He sucks you into his world and makes you feel like you are in the center of the action. My recommendation? Listen to any and all of the audiobooks he narrates. You will not be disappointed!

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