Looking for a good patriotic read for your J Fiction reader? We have several series that fit the bill.

felicityJ American Girl

Whether you are looking for the series of books about the first American Girls (Addy, Felicity, Josephina, Kaya, Kirsten, Kit, Molly, and Samantha) or more recent titles about Chrissa, Isabelle, Jess, Lanie and Mia, the WPL has them all.


J Capital Mysteries

This series of early J fiction books, written by Ron Roy, is set at various locales in Washington D.C. The stories take place everywhere from the Smithsonian and National Zoo to the FBI and Camp David. They are great for kids that want to learn more about our nation’s capital.

J Dear America

This historical fiction series is written in diary entry fashion. Each book is written from the point of view of a different character during important times in the history of America. The titles cover events such as the Salem Witch trials, the Alamo, the Great Depression, WWII, the Gold Rush, the Civil War, and more.


J Field Trip Mysteries

With full color illustrations and an easy to read font, the Field Trip Mysteries series, written by Steve Brezenoff, are a big hit with early chapter book readers. Set in iconic locales like the Everglades, Yellowstone, the Grand Canyon, New Orleans, and the Big Apple, the books are great fun for anyone about to embark on a family vacation.

J Real Kids, Real Places

Written by Carole Marsh, this is another mystery series set in famous US locations. Since the titles are a little longer than the Field Trip Mysteries, they are a good next step for readers of those books. With locations like the Great Lakes, Hawaii, Devil’s Tower, Death Valley, Mount Rushmore and the Smoky Mountains, these books are another great read for kids about to embark on their own adventure.

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