There are a growing number of children and teens who are expanding their casual reading to include nonfiction selections. Of these selections, biographies are a favorite. To meet this interest, the Youth Services Department has some new, exciting biographies I would like to share with you. The Juvenile and Young Adult biography selections runs from Hank Aaron to Mark Zuckerberg.

Breakout biographies you might want check out are:

downloadIs series. Teachers and readers alike love these books. They are written in an entertaining yet educational style. Currently the library circulates over 50 books in this series covering people from all walks of life – presidents, writers, sports figures, scientists, explorers and more.

The Tale of Despereaux). Learn about the authors’ childhoods, how they started writing, where it has taken them and the impact their writing has had on them and the world.

Dream Big: American Idol Superstars – American Idol Profiles Index: Top Finalists from Seasons 1 to 7 by Chuck Bednar will give you a snapshot of where the finalists came from and what they have been working on since American Idol.


by Sy Montgomery. In this biography we see how growing up autistic and overcoming challenges helped Temple Grandin become the scientist she is today working with animals. It gives insight into the world of autism as well as autism in the world while Temple learned, at her pace and in her style, and ultimately earned a PhD, all while championing humane treatment of animals.

Next time you are in the Youth Services Department, check out our Biographies. They take on a life of their own!