It is officially fall, or at least it feels that way! The weather is down to a breezy 65 and the leaves are starting to change to beautiful shades of red and yellow. Along with taking my sweaters out of storage, I am getting ready for my fall television series.

Two that have already started are New Girl and The Mindy Project. Both will have you laughing so hard you cry! They are witty, sarcastic and most importantly, relatable to 20 and 30 somethings. You check out previous seasons of The Mindy Project through the library!

My all time favorite series, Criminal Minds, will be starting September 25th. I have always been a fan of crime series, and Criminal Minds combines that love of crimes series with my interest in psychology. The characters of the TV series are FBI profilers who travel around the country helping local police departments solve the crimes that seem unsolvable. They have impressive insight into human behavior and the human mind. You can find the previous seasons of Criminal Minds in the SWAN catalog.

If television series are your entertainment of choice, make sure to check out our section at the library. We keep them separate from the motion picture DVDs and Foreign DVDs. We have series to satisfy all ages and all genres!

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