I have been a Disney fan since my first childhood experience at Disney World in 1971, the year the park opened. I vividly remember my first character encounters with Pluto and Donald Duck and remember riding the monorail through the center of the Contemporary resort. Having just returned from my most recent Orlando journey, I feel compelled to write about one of my favorite J Fiction series, The Kingdom Keepers. While Walt Disney World has expanded dramatically over the years, the parks and stories still focus on the magic surrounding the child in each of us.

A couple of years ago, a WPL librarian got me hooked on a series of books that take place in the Disney parks. Written by author, Disney after Dark, blends fantasy and reality in grand Disney fashion. Pearson was granted unlimited behind-the-scenes access by Disney as he was writing each book. As an adult Disney fan, I can picture the cast member entrance doors, specific locations and the detailed animatronic characters that Pearson so clearly, and sometimes eerily, brings to life.

In this series, Finn Whitman, and four other kids, have been hand-selected by Disney to become virtual holographic tour guides through the parks. Through state-of-the-art animation technology, Finn and his fellow hosts will, as holograms, interact with park guests and provide tours and background information to guests. Although being selected as one of the guides is a big honor, things begin to go haywire when Finn realizes he is, as his hologram, crossing over into the parks after closing time, every night when he goes to sleep. While I don’t want to give too much away, it seems Finn’s crossing over is not as innocent as it seems. Apparently, our belief in Disney characters has brought many of those creations to life. Moreover, the villains seemingly do not want to be confined to their rides and shows any longer. So…  How long will Finn and the other guides continue to visit the parks after dark? Which characters, good and bad, get into the mix? Which behind-the-scenes secrets will be revealed? To find out, check the books out today. I don’t want to spoil the ride.

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