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Burn It Down: Power, Complicity, and a Call For Change in Hollywood

Have you ever worked somewhere so toxic or had a boss that was so awful that you dreaded work and felt driven away, even if it was a career that Read more...

Posted by on February 1, 2024

Hidden Girl: The True Story of a Modern-Day Child Slave

Imagine you were sold into slavery as an 8 year old child. Now imagine the people that sold you were your parents. This is Shyima Hall’s truth.  She worked 20 Read more...

Posted by on May 19, 2022

Bad Romance

Grace’s home life is far from perfect. With a controlling step-father and a mom with undiagnosed OCD, Grace has a lot to overcome. Enter Gavin: dreamy, a musician, and a Read more...

Posted by on October 20, 2017

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