Imagine you were sold into slavery as an 8 year old child. Now imagine the people that sold you were your parents. This is Shyima Hall’s truth.  She worked 20 hours a day, healthy or sick. She slept in the garage and had to wash her clothes in a bucket. She cooked, cleaned and helped care for the other children in her captor’s luxurious homes. She worked from dawn until after midnight and was slapped anytime her captors felt displeased. Now imagine a significant portion of her captivity occurred in the United States of America. Shyima shares her story so that she can try to prevent this from being anyone else’s truth. Her story also includes inappropriate touching from an older sibling, the foster care system, the legal system, entering school for the first time as a teenager, and learning a whole new language.

This is not a kind story, but it is a true story. She succeeds against impossible odds and escapes a world that is unimaginable to most. There is no graphic imagery as moments are explained simply. The text flows well and smoothly, but may be uncomfortable to some due to the topics broached. It is important to remember that this story has a happy ending.

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