Sophie Go has an incredible gift. She has the ability to see red threads connected to people. When matched with the right person, she is able to witness those red threads join together in a beautiful strong braid. Sophie has spent the last three years in Shanghai attending matchmaking school. Back at home in Toronto, her job as matchmaker becomes increasingly difficult when she is revealed to be a fraud. She never actually graduated, and nobody wants to take a chance on an unaccredited matchmaker. In desperate need of clientele, Sophie stumbles upon a secret club in her condo complex, the Old Ducks. The members? Seven septuagenarians. Albeit lonely, heartbroken, and bitter, these men are also eligible and longing for love. They are perfect customers. Sophie must match these seven eclectic gentlemen in order to become accredited. If she does not earn accreditation in time, she will lose her ability to see the red threads, and everything she’s ever dreamed about and known about herself will be lost. 

Sophie Go’s Lonely Hearts Club is a heartwarming romance with just the perfect touch of magical realism, which gives the story whimsy without feeling too unrealistic. Sophie battles a toxic relationship with her parents throughout the book.  Her mother’s dissatisfaction with Sophie and her career leads to constant berating, disagreements, and low blows to which Sophie constantly bends to her mother’s will. While a tad over the top, these disagreements wrap up in a satisfying way in the end that really makes you root for Sophie and her new elderly companions. The message of this story plays at the idea that everyone has a chance at love, which never ceases to make the reader feel warm and fuzzy. Yet, it is not overwhelming with sappiness. Sophie’s personal growth and confidence are as central to the story as the romance. 

Two other books of note by Roselle Lim if you like Sophie Go’s Lonely Hearts Club  are Natalie Tan’s Book of Luck & Fortune and Vanessa Yu’s Magical Paris Tea Shop. Though not technically part of a series, these three books are very loosely connected and can be read in any order.

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