Lymphatic massage and self-care are important to creating a balanced, healthy life, and this book details how to achieve amazing results, including, but not limited to, smoother skin, a flatter stomach, enhanced immunity, and full-body detox. Many people don’t know much, if anything, about the lymphatic system, which is the body’s secondary circulatory system and is known as the “sanitation and recycling system of the body.” Author Lisa Levitt Gainsley does a great job of explaining the lymphatic system and why it’s important to keep it functioning properly, and champions massage as the primary way to ensure that the lymphatic system is running smoothly. She also combines other holistic practices such as yoga and meditation to round out her lymphatic healing techniques. There is a lot of science in the early chapters, which can be a bit dense sometimes, but the star of this book are the lymphatic massage sequence charts and how-to’s. A specific type of massage for most ailments can be found here, including massage techniques effective for menopause, weight loss, postpartum depression, and more! While the diagrams can sometimes be a bit hard to follow at first, with practice they become simple and effective.

This book is jam-packed with lots of information to add into your healthy living routine. Don’t be discouraged when the scientific information gets a little dense! The payoff and knowledge are well worth it.

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