Uzumaki cover

The inhabitants of a small Japanese village start to become obsessed with spirals.

Sounds a little silly right? Well, in the hands of Junji Ito, this premise becomes a nightmarish descent into grotesque and amazingly imaginative horror. Of deep paranoia, of horrible transformations, of people going to horrendous lengths to rid themselves of the spirals.

It is equally disturbing and awe-inspiring.

Uzumaki is filled with indelible images, stark black and white visuals that are bizarre and disquieting in equal measure. The first two volumes are episodic but still continue to build toward a larger conclusion – the third and final volume is the longer story of that conclusion.

To say more would be to spoil an experience that you should really go into as blind as possible.

Uzumaki is recommended to anyone who enjoys horror or anyone who enjoys unrestrained imagination and artistic vision.

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