Fangs cover

Elsie is a vampire. Jimmy is a werewolf.

They meet and begin dating. And have a series of charming little encounters as they learn each other’s foibles.

Fangs is a cute, breezy little collection of 4-5 panel comics about Elsie and Jimmy’s relationship. Really though, it’s a series of simple vampire and werewolf jokes with little bits of awww interspersed between them.

The art is a very clean black and white style that is very cute and appealing. The whole book has a very minimalist aesthetic that works really nicely.

Fangs is a short read. It’ll take most people an hour or so to read through, if that. But it’s very charming and you may find yourself going back through immediately upon finishing. There are some bits of dark humor (Elsie and Jimmy are technically monsters after all) but there’s nothing graphic about it.

Fangs is recommended for anyone looking for something light and breezy and cute, especially those who appreciate a minimalist gothy aesthetic.

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