Hannah, an Elemental Witch living in modern-day Salem, is worried when dark magic starts to make its appearance in her town. As she senses this is from a revenge-fueled Blood Witch, Hannah and her ex-girlfriend Veronica set out to investigate. When her parents and coven don’t believe her that something is actually out to get them, Hannah takes matters into her own hands. Despite all that comes with being a teenage witch Hannah still has to juggle a job, a new crush, her best friend, and trying not to get sucked back in with her ex.

Filled with suspense and drama, Sterling manages to touch on deeper everyday subjects while balancing with the paranormal aspects of the story. A heavy story with a lot of emotional examination of the characters in the beginning and an action mystery near then end. Feeling a little disjointed at times there is a lot more telling then there is showing, and a handful of characters are around but not necessary. A little romance lightens up the story a bit and as a whole has good LGBTQ representation. A fresh take on the teenage witch narrative and overall an enjoyable read. 

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