When Danny and her mother move to Tempest, California, Danny thinks this move was to get away from her old life. But in Tempest, Danny finds the Grays: a group of friends who refer to themselves as witches. Danny soon learns that she didn’t just find the Grays, they cast a spell to bring Danny to them in hopes that she can bring back their friend, Imogen, who is missing. As Danny learns about her new founds powers and gets closer to her newfound friends she is determined to help them get Imogen back, and to figure out what is behind the dark and eerie feeling lurking in the Red Woods.

The Lost Coast is a coming of age story of friendship and power. Amy Rose Capetta takes the time to write all six girls as their own individuals, all of them look very different from one another, have different powers from one another, and act very different from one another. The one thing they all have in common is that they identify as queer, sparking great LGBTQ representation. These girls who felt like outsiders all come together in a beautiful, diverse, close knit group who all happen to practice magic. This book is heavy in magical realism and takes a turn in multiple viewpoints. Capetta takes a real place, the Lost Coast, and gives it the fictional town of Tempest to lead the reader on an eerie and magical mystery to follow.

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