This mystery thriller begins on a rainy afternoon when 5 year old Jacob wriggles free from his mother’s grasp and is killed by a car while crossing the road. It is narrated by the alternating voices of Jenna, a woman traumatized after Jacob’s death, and Ray, the detective assigned to identify and apprehend the hit and run driver.

The narrative flows slowly at first, seeming predictable and cozy. The accent and timbre of the audiobook performers compliment the unhurried pace. We follow Ray at the office and at home while his inner monologue details the conflicts between his work and family life. Jenna moves to a small seaside town and begins a quiet, contemplative existence.

As the story progresses and the characters take shape the reader begins to question their earlier assumptions. The true magnitude of Jenna’s trauma emerges, the characters’ stories converge, and we are joined by the inner thoughts of a man most sinister. The plot twists and the pace hits the accelerator. As Ray comes close to solving the case and it appears justice will be served, Jenna finds herself in a race to save her life, if not her independence. The reader is left clinging to the very end to be brought safely to shore.

This book will appeal to readers with an appetite for modern day settings, realistic flawed characters, plot twists, and building pace.

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