Sewing Machines

The Library has 2 Brother XL2600i sewing machines for checkout* plus 6 machines for programs and individual use within the library.

Want to learn how to sew? Attend one of our sewing programs at the library! Or you can stop in during our Makery open lab hours to try it out and make your own projects.

*Sewing machines check out for 3 weeks to adult Westmont Public Library cardholders and are non-renewable.

Resources for Learning

Creativebug provides video tutorials by artists and designers that guide you through a variety of projects.

hobbiesandcraftsreferencecenter_previewHobbies and Crafts Reference Center offers instructions, project ideas, and technical guides for sewing, from basic to advanced.

machine_manual_previewThe User Manual for the Brother XL2600 contains detailed information for using the library’s machines.

Threading the Machine

What you’ll need:

  • Sewing machine
  • Spool of thread
  • Empty bobbin
  • Scissors
  • Threading the Bobbin

    1. Check that the machine is turned off before beginning. (The power switch is on the right side of the machine.)
    2. Locate the spool pin on the far right side of the top of the machine. Pop it up, and place the spool of thread on it.


    3. Wind the thread around the metal thread guide:
      • Pull the loose end of the thread across the machine to the left.


      • Loop the thread around the knob on top of the thread guide, traveling front to back (clockwise).


      • Pull the thread back towards the bobbin winder. The thread will cross over the thread guide.


    4. Run the thread through the hole on the bobbin, starting from the inside. Be sure to leave it a short tail.


    5. Place the bobbin on the bobbin winder shaft. Shift the bobbin winder shaft to the right and then turn the power on.


    6. While holding the loose end of the thread that is protruding from the bobbin, lightly step on the foot pedal to wind the thread around the bobbin a few times.

    7. Trim the excess thread protruding from the bobbin.

    8. Finish threading the bobbin by pressing on the foot pedal until the bobbin is full and begins spinning more slowly or until you have determined you have enough thread for your project.


    9. Once the bobbin is full, cut the end of the thread that is still connected to the spool, shift the bobbin winder shaft back to the left position, and remove the bobbin. Turn the machine off.

    Lower Threading

    1. Raise the needle to its highest position by tuning the handwheel, located on the right hand side of the machine, toward you/counterclockwise.


    2. Slide the button on the cover below the needle to release and remove it.


    3. Take the bobbin and, using the loose end of the thread, create a “P” shape: the bobbin forms the top of the “P”, while the loose end of the thread runs down the left side of the bobbin to form the stem of the “P”.

    4. Still holding the bobbin in the “P” configuation, place it into the recessed area.


    5. Pull the loose end of the thread into and around the narrow, crescent-shaped channel to the left of the bobbin until it comes out on the left side of the recessed area.


    6. Replace the cover over the bobbin.

    Upper Threading

    1. The spool of thread should still be located on the spool pin. Take the loose end of the thread and run it across the machine to the thread guide from back to front, towards the front of the machine.


    2. Pull the thread down the front of the machine through the front thread guide.


    3. The thread should be directed around the bottom of the front thread guide and up to the thread take-up lever (a metal hook).


    4. Run the thread through the metal hook. If the hook needs to be adjusted for easier access, turn the handwheel on the right side of the machine to reposition it.


    5. After the thread is positioned to go through the take-up lever, run it back down the machine towards the needle.

    6. Insert the thread through the needle from front to back, leaving a short tail.


    Drawing the Lower Thread Up

    1. Grab the tail of the upper thread and pull it slightly forward and to the left, giving it some tension. Be sure not to pull too hard.


    2. While still holding the upper thread, turn the handwheel toward you; this will lower and then raise the needle.


    3. Stop turning the handwheel after one up-down cycle; the upper thread should have caught the lower thread and pulled it upward.


    4. Separate and untangle the end of the lower thread from the upper thread.

    5. If the lower thread is caught in the groove between the toes of the presser foot, remove the thread and run it underneath the presser foot, pulling it towards the back of the machine.

    6. The upper thread should pass through the presser foot (in between the toes) and towards the back of the machine. Leave each piece of thread a 3-4 inch tail.


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