Vampirates: Demons of the ocean cover

After their father’s death, twins Grace and Connor set sail on the open sea in hopes of finding a better life.  When caught in the eye of a storm they are separated, each twin saved by different pirate ships. Connor tires to live the ruff and tuff pirate life as Grace tries to unlock the mysteries of the pirates she resides with. The two are trying to survive, all while trying to find their way back to one another.

Vampirates is an action packed mystery with two points of view from two very different types of protagonist. The twins are stereotypical in personality. Connor a jock, good at sports but not quick at thinking on his feet; and Grace is the smart one, always coming up with ideas but is small and weak. They are relatable in the way they process grief and hope, as well as how they adapt to their new surroundings. The story has a lot of buildup and a lot of great set-up to scene and story. The author does a great job at defining each character in looks and personality, making them not easily confused. Despite a predictable ending, the flow up until the pivotal point is well worth the read.

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