Print from home

Send a document remotely, then visit the Library’s Computer Lab to print it OR pick it up curbside.

To send a document to print and pick up in the Computer Lab

You have two options:

How to use the web printing page

  1. Click here to visit the web printing page.
  2. Select File: Drag and drop the file you wish to print or click the “Select file” button and choose your document.
  3. In the box which appears after uploading your file, enter the number of copies and choose between B&W (black and white, $0.10/page) or Color ($0.50/page) printing. There is only one choice (letter size—8.5 x 11) for paper and layout.
  4. By default, all pages of the document will be printed. If you would like to print only certain pages, change the “Page Range” selection from “All” to “Pages,” then enter the page numbers.
  5. The Estimated Job Cost below the options box will update according to your choices.
  6. User Info: Enter your library card number or create a user name to identify your print job(s) in the first box. You will need this number or name later to retrieve your documents at the Library’s print kiosk.
  7. Click the Submit button to finalize your print submission. This will send your file to the Library’s print kiosk.
  8. Visit the print kiosk in our Computer Lab. print kiosk in computer lab
  9. To retrieve your print job(s), enter the number or name you provided on the web print page. If you entered your library card number, scan your library card; otherwise, tap Card Number/Webprint and enter the user name you provided. initial screen shown on print kiosk
  10. If you need to add money to your account, use the coin slot on the top of the kiosk or the bill slot at the bottom left.
  11. Select the files you wish to print from the list on the kiosk display.
  12. Tap Print Job(s) to finish printing your file.

To send a document for curbside pickup

  • Email your file as an attachment to [email protected]. Please include your name and library card number, if possible. Note: There is a limit of 50 pages. If you need to print more pages, please visit our Computer Lab to print or make additional copies.
  • We will reply to confirm printing charges. If you accept the printing charges, they will be added as a bill to your Library account.
  • You will be contacted when your print job is ready for curbside pickup.