Killer Underwear Invasion! How to Spot Fake News, Disinformation & Conspiracy Theories cover

The title draws in the reader’s eyes; how can “killer underwear” be part of a nonfiction title?  The book aims to help the young reader develop critical thinking skills needed to interpret the many sources of information in the modern world.  Not all things that we read are real, especially on the internet.  Using a comic-book format, the author defines “fake news” and then helps youngsters understand why it exists and how it is used and disseminated.  The characters are cute and the examples of “fake news” are delightfully humorous.  One panel declares that shampoo cures all diseases.  There is no proof, but the rumor still spreads and the characters are stocking up on shampoo.

The art work is colorful and minimalistic but draws in the reader.  Every page maintains the comic-book style.  The author does not tell the reader one correct place to get information, but more to think about where your information is coming from and if there are facts or evidence to support the claims being made.  A playful, quick read that could spark some family discussion.


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