Spirit Hunters cover

Harper knows her family has moved because of her, and she knows she spent time in a hospital, but she still can’t put all the pieces together. Her mother won’t talk to her Grandmother, so the one person that always seems to “get” Harper is not currently in her life. 

People say this old house they’ve moved into is haunted. It’s true that strange things are happening, and her little brother doesn’t seem himself. Harper is seeing and feeling things in this house that she can’t explain. She is afraid, and doubts that anyone will believe her. With the help of a new friend and her own determination to face the memories she has blocked, Harper must figure out what is going on if she has any chance of stopping things in time. 

With diverse characters and intriguing themes, this book will appeal to readers who like their ghost stories with plenty of suspense!

(If you enjoy this book, check out the sequel, The Island of Monsters.)

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