Small Spaces cover

Small Spaces is a deliciously creepy tale of a school field trip gone wrong. Ollie is the only student that is nervous about the bus breaking down, and the teacher leaving to find help, and what lies in the fields of the farm they have just visited. That’s because she discovered a book that at first seemed to be a terrific ghost story, and now appears to be a journal describing the sinister Smiling Man and his hold on this farm. As darkness approaches, her previously broken wristwatch begins a countdown and signals her to RUN! Only two of Ollie’s classmates join her in leaving the bus, while the strange bus driver gives them some parting advice: “Avoid large spaces. Keep to small.”

This spine-tingling tale is suspenseful, moving at a good pace with just enough clues and twists to keep the reader guessing. Fans of Holly Black and Mary Downing Hahn will enjoy this hair-raising adventure.

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