Grace Hopper: Queen of Computer Code cover

This book begins with Grace Hopper as a young girl who breaks clocks simply to put them back together and find what makes them tick. With her parents’ support, she kept finding ways to make things work. She spent her childhood being curious about the way things worked, and learning as much as she could. After graduating from Vassar College and learning about physics and mathematics, she became a teacher there! During times of war, she enlisted in the Navy as a computer scientist. There, she pioneered computer programs, changed the way computer language was written, and even helped identify the first computer bug. She retired from the Navy at the age of 80, earning the nickname Amazing Grace for all her contributions to computer science. 

This children’s biography of computer scientist Grace Hopper is the perfect way to get young readers curious about women pioneers in STEAM fields. The amount of writing on each page makes for a really well paced book that will allow the reader to take in all the information without overwhelming them. The illustrations by Katy Wu are also incredibly vivid and capture the reader’s attention throughout the various stages of Hopper’s life. This book opens the doors to a plethora of important women whose contributions deserve to be recognized and leaves the reader wanting to learn more about them. 

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