Zach and Lucy and the Museum of Natural Wonders cover

Meet creative brother and sister duo, Zach and Lucy, whose escapades leave their neighbors curious, excited, and maybe a little worried. While reading a book on the Museum of Natural History, Lucy realizes the museum is filled with items from the outdoors and Lucy and Zach like the outdoors. Eureka! They should create their own museum! Our intrepid explorers leave their cozy apartment building and venture out into nature to collect specimens: rabbit droppings, an egg, moss, and more. They even borrow collections from their neighbors and diligently assemble their findings, but will their hard work impress their fussy neighbor Mrs. Blankenship?

The Pifferson Sisters and illustrator Mark Chambers have created another great addition to this early reader series. The story spans six short chapters and introduces growing readers to new vocabulary and lengthy paragraphs; it provides a reasonable challenge but is made more manageable by large, engaging illustrations that often fill a full page. Chamber’s pencil and ink inspired illustrations are enhanced by a bright color palette and whimsical attention to detail, which are exemplified by Ms. Blankenship’s pink coiffed hair and the friendship bracelet turned over as a donation. Pair this charming read with a trip to a museum, or share with a budding collector.  

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