Everyone has a fascination with something, be it mechanisms, cars, animals, food; the Butterfly Garden is the story about a man’s fascination with butterflies.
As normal of a concept as this is, the man goes about this in a not so tender way. This story is not one for the faint of heart.

The story focuses around ‘Maya’ an 18 year old who has gone through a traumatizing past; flipping between telling FBI agents about her childhood and her months having been abducted by the ‘Gardener’, a man intent on keeping his “butterflies” up to a point of beauty, then preserving them for the future. While telling the agents about her days of that were stolen from her, she explains what life in the ‘Garden’ was like with the twenty-two other girls she lived with.

It takes a hard look into the psychological points of the mind; breaking points of the girls in the garden and how the “accept” their new lives, and how sometimes morals can be skewed.


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