March cover

March is a trilogy of graphic novels by Congressman John Lewis. The series tells the story of the freedom marches that lead to the desegregation of the south and the protection of voter rights. The narration is from the point of view of John Lewis and the Student Nonviolent Committee (SNCC.) The events start from the beginning of John Lewis’ life through the formation of SNCC and their many protests to the stories back drop which takes place during the inauguration of Barack Obama.

March is an excellent resource to start discussion about civil rights and protest marches with book clubs or older children. The story is easily accessible to all due to the exceptional art by Nate Powell. Black and white pen illustrations demonstrate how the culture at the time viewed the protests in the news on black and white television and in newspaper. The viewer is transported back in time by the art and placed in the role of a freedom marcher. March is highly recommended and one of the best examples of a nonfiction graphic novel.


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