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Teen Volunteering


The Westmont Public Library is offering volunteer opportunities for teens in grades 6-12. A student is considered a teen in the summer before they start 6th grade. We offer two options for volunteering: in-person and digital volunteering. Teens may choose to do one or both options.

In-person volunteers will be assigned a one hour shift every week to help librarians prepare for programs, find books, clean, and perform other general tasks. Teens will be scheduled to volunteer until the last week of July. Volunteers are expected to show up to all shifts when the library is open unless otherwise communicated.

Digital volunteers receive a list of tasks they can do online and at home. Volunteers can do as many tasks as they wish to achieve their hours in whatever time frame works best for them. Teens will be asked to re-apply when they have not submitted any tasks for one month.

If you are interested in being a teen volunteer, please fill out the application form

Contact the Teen Services Librarian at [email protected] or 630 869 6165 with any general questions regarding teen volunteering.

For more information on volunteering at the library, read our Volunteer and Community Service Policy.

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