This collection of four decodable stories is specially designed to help new readers aged 6 – 8 years overcome language-based learning difficulties. This first book in the Meg and Greg series assumes the child is already familiar with all the basic consonant sounds and short vowel sounds. Each of the four stories introduces one new phonogram – ck, sh, ch, or th. Each story builds on the previous ones, reinforcing previously learned skills. These books are unique in that they are designed for a shared reading experience between an emergent reader and an experienced reader, allowing for more complex and interesting stories and a richer reading experience. Each 2-page spread has a page of illustrated text for the experienced reader and a page of comic style voice balloons and illustrations for the new reader. In addition, special features help a struggling reader to have more success. Shaded paper reduces the print contrast. Extra space between letters, words, and lines of text and a font that looks the same as the way children learn to print also improve readability.

The stories revolve around two 10-year-old friends and their summer adventures. Each exciting animal themed story contains twists and turns to keep the reader engaged. The adventures include finding a lost pet fish, helping an injured duckling, and saving ranch animals from a wildfire. Guidelines are given at the beginning to instruct how to read the books, and activities are included at the end of each story that reinforce the featured reading concepts. If this book is helpful to you and your beginning reader, take a look at additional books in the Meg and Greg series.

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