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The Legend of Rock Paper Scissors by Drew Daywalt

You’ve played the game. Now read the legend of how it all began … Long ago, in an ancient and distant realm called the Kingdom of Backyard, there lived a warrior named ROCK. Meanwhile in the Empire of Mom’s Home Office, a second great warrior sought the glory of battle. And his name was PAPER. At the same time, in the Kitchen Realm, in the tiny village of Junk Drawer, lived a third warrior. They called her SCISSORS. These three were the strongest, smartest, and fastest in all the land. Time and again they beat the most fearsome opponents they could find: an apricot, a computer printer–even frozen, breaded, dinosaur-shaped chicken nuggets! But when the warriors finally meet each other, the most epic round of battles begins … and never ends. That is why, to this day, children around the world honor these worthy adversaries by playing ROCK, PAPER, SCISSORS!

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On Account of the Gum by Adam Rex

Improbable, ridiculous remedies accumulate when there is gum stuck in your hair

Available formats: Book, eBook (Hoopla, OverDrive) 

Are You a Cheeseburger? by Monica Arnaldo

Grub is a lonely raccoon rumbling in the trash for food. Seed is a seed patiently waiting in the trash, hoping someone will plant it. When the two finally meet, they realize they might be able to help each other! Grub wonders what Seed will grow, and is hoping it’s Grub’s favorite food, mouthwatering cheeseburgers.

Available formats: Book

Creepy Carrots by Aaron Reynolds

The carrots that grow in Crackenhopper Field are the fattest and crispiest around and Jasper Rabbit cannot resist pulling some to eat each time he passes by, until he begins hearing and seeing creepy carrots wherever he goes.

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  Something’s Wrong by Jory John

Jeff the bear is sure he has forgotten something when he sets out from home, but none of the animals he meets initially inform him that he is only wearing his underwear, until he reaches his friend Anders the hare–who quickly thinks of a way to avoid embarrassing Jeff, by starting a fashion trend.

Available formats: Book, eBook (OverDrive) 

Pete the Cat and His Four Groovy Buttons by Eric Litwin

Pete the cat loves the buttons on his shirt so much that he makes up a song about them, and even as the buttons pop off, one by one, he still finds a reason to sing.

Available formats: Book, eBook (Hoopla) 

The Grizzled Grist Does Not Exist! by Juliette Maclver

An exuberant rhyming picture book about a school trip to the woods, where no one sees the danger–apart from quiet Liam, who pays attention and saves the day with his particular skill of hiding. It’s the class trip to Dismal Hills wilderness. The children aren’t worried about the legendary Grizzled Grist who lives here; they’re excited to show off their outdoor skills–foraging, climbing, trapping. No one’s impressed with Liam’s skill of hiding. But it turns out a hider can see what others think does not exist. A hider moves with soundless ease and treads as softly as the breeze. At times, a hider barely breathes–but what is this the hider sees? When the children and their frazzled teacher walk confidently into disaster, little Liam saves the day–a triumph for the quiet child no one notices.

Available formats: Book, eBook (Hoopla) 

Chester van Chime Who Forgot How to Rhyme by Avery Monsen

Rhyming has always come easily to Chester van Chime. But one day he loses his gift and struggles to find the right words.

Available formats: Book

The Day the Crayons Quit by Drew Daywalt 

Poor Duncan just wants to color. But when he opens his box of crayons, he finds only letters, all saying the same thing: his crayons have had enough! They quit! Beige Crayon is tired of playing second fiddle to Brown Crayon. Black wants to be used for more than just outlining. Blue needs a break from coloring all those bodies of water. And Orange and Yellow are no longer speaking — each believes he is the true color of the sun. What can Duncan possibly do to appease all of the crayons and get them back to doing what they do best?

Available formats: Book, eBook (OverDrive) 

The Bad Seed by Jory John

The bad seed changes his mind about being bad and decides that he wants to be happy.

Available formats: Book, Audio Book, eBook, eAudiobook (Hoopla, OverDrive) 


Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus! by Mo Willems

Pigeon is an unflinching and hilarious look at a child’s potential for mischief. In a plain palette, with childishly elemental line drawings, Willems has captured the essence of unreasonableness in the very young.

Available formats: Book, eAudiobook (Hoopla, OverDrive) 

Federico and the Wolf  by Rebecca J Gomez

A modern retelling of Little Red Riding Hood in which Federico rides his bicycle to the market for Abuelo’s groceries, then stands up to a hungry wolf. Includes a recipe for pico de gallo and glossary of Spanish terms.

Available formats: Book, eBook (Hoopla, OverDrive) 

The Bear Ate Your Sandwich by Julia Sarcone-Roach

Julia Sarcone-Roach’s delicious tale of a bear, lost in the city, who happens upon an unattended sandwich in the park. The bear’s journey from forest to city and back home again is full of happy accidents, funny encounters, and sensory delights. The story is so engrossing, it’s not until the very end that we begin to suspect this is a TALL tale.

Available formats: Book

Can You Make a Scary Face? by Jan Thomas

A ladybug invites the reader to play a game of “let’s pretend.”

Available formats: Book


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