Mallard ducks and loons do not get along and do not like to share the same territory, but somehow a mated pair of loons adopt a mallard chick.  The chick learns the ways of the loons but is also drawn to some instinctual mallard behaviors.  The chick rides piggyback like a loon, but also eats weeds  in the shallows like a mallard.  They share one summer together as a family.  Even the authors don’t know what happened when they all migrated away.  Will they come back together again the next year?

Presented in verse, this nonfiction title has a very storybook feel.  There are no photographs, but instead, warm and sweet, full-color illustrations.  The last pages share more detail as to where this happened and the similarities and differences the mallards and loons have.  There are more differences than similarities!  A great first dive into informational texts for young readers or soon-to-be readers.

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