The House in the Cerulean Sea cover

Linus Baker is a very ordinary man with a very plain life.  He goes to work, he comes home, his cat hisses at him and the whole pattern repeats the next day.  That is until he is sent to evaluate the orphanage on an island in the Cerulean Sea.  This orphanage houses magical children of many different types.  He is scared.  He believes all children should be safe and cared for, but is he safe with these children?  Why isn’t he being given all of their normal, unredacted files?  Is the master of this orphanage hiding things from him?  Time will tell and he has a month.

This book deals with the idea of what does society do with children that have magic and powers that scare them.  The magic isn’t the focus of the story, but more the backdrop.  It has a lovely gentle pace that gives you a chance to get to know the characters.  This book starts in Linus’s gray, boring world but ends in a much different place.  The book becomes filled with so much color and possibility.  A story I, my husband and my teenager all enjoyed and maybe spilled one or two tears over.

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