Fish is cold and bored in his dark underwater home, so he swims up to the water’s surface. Soon after, warm Sun comes out. Fish and Sun become fast friends who play together all day. When Sun sets, sad Fish worries that his new friend is gone forever. Never fear, for the very next day, Sun comes out to play again. 

This I Can Read Comics book introduces new readers to the graphic novel format of storytelling. There is a brief how-to-read comics guide at the front, instructing the reader to examine the image along with the text, paying close attention to the details, since visual clues in the image are just as important as the text.

Ruzzier’s bright full panel illustrations clearly depict the full array of the characters’ feelings. While the illustrations are full-page, the speech bubbles and text boxes are black text on a white background with enough white space to make it easy to read the text without distraction. Fish and Sun is a cute, simple story about friendship that is just right for a newly independent reader or for an adult reading to a young child.

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