The Upside of Falling cover

Becca is a hopeless romantic who prefers to live in books rather than reality. After her parents’ divorce, she’s not even sure she believes in love. So for now she’ll work at her mom’s bakery, get good grades, and keep reading amazing books. But when her ex-best friend mocks her for not having a boyfriend, Becca needs to find a way to defend herself. Enter Brett, a football player who everyone in school seems to love. Becca and Brett have never really talked, but Becca does know one thing about him: he’s kind. When they pretend to start dating to satisfy their friends and family, how long will it take until they each realize it’s no longer just pretend?

Alex Light wrote a wonderfully funny and lighthearted romance novel. The story is told in dual points of view, so the reader is never left in the dark. Likewise, the audiobook is read by two narrators, one for each Becca and Brett, and helps the reader feel more connected to the characters by being able to listen to each of them. The book also touches on some of the effects that divorce can have on kids who experience it, and it makes the characters more relatable. This contemporary novel is a great read for anyone hoping to find a humorous, romantic story. 

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