One Cut of the Dead cover

The movie, One Cut of the Dead, is a Japanese Horror-Comedy zombie movie. Sort of.

The promotional material suggests that it’s about the crew of a low budget zombie film being attacked by real zombies, and their maniac director insisting they keep filming.

That is true but not really the point. To say more would risk spoilers, but if you wanted to watch the movie because you were excited about that premise just know that is only sort of what the movie is about.

One Cut of the Dead may require some patience from you. Specifically, it may require you to stick with it for over a half hour before it starts to really reveal what it is. The payoff is worth it, but depending on what you’re looking for that opening third (or so) of the movie might be rough.

One Cut of the Dead was produced in eight days for $30,000, but it is surprisingly ambitious given those limitations. It’s put together in a very unusual and interesting way and would probably reward repeat viewings.

One Cut of the Dead is recommended for anyone who enjoys offbeat, novel indie films and people who enjoy the “let’s put on a show” energy of films about low budget filmmaking.

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