You may be surprised to see a child’s board book explaining terms such as antigen, antibody, immune system, and herd immunity. Vaccines, a Baby Medical School book, does just that. Young children may be hearing the adults in their lives using these words, and this book normalizes the terms while accurately explaining them in a fun, engaging way. Germs are pictured with scowls on their faces while antibodies are smiling. Vaccines are depicted as superheroes, helping our immune systems to fight disease. The artwork is colorful and whimsical, and provides even more information than the text.

While board books are typically designed for children 0 – 3 years old due to their sturdy nature, this book makes the scientific terms relating to vaccines simple to understand for older children, and even adults! The younger children will enjoy the illustrations and be introduced to relevant medical words. Older children can gain a basic understanding of the topic of vaccines. With accuracy and detail, the reader is given an explanation not only of what a vaccine is, but also how it works and why it is so important.

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