Unpregnant cover

Veronica Clarke is a model student getting ready to head to an Ivy League school. Her parents are proud of her, her best friends depend on her, and her perfect boyfriend adores her. Its all going according to plan until she takes a test she hoped to fail – a pregnancy test. When she found out she was pregnant, she decided the best option for her was to terminate her pregnancy. The problem? The nearest abortion facility that would allow her total privacy is almost 1,000 miles away. Feeling embarrassed of her unplanned pregnancy, she turns to her ex-best friend for help, Bailey Butler. Together they drive, hitchhike, walk, run, and everything in between to find a clinic to help Veronica.

Hendricks and Caplan do a fantastic job of keeping a heavy topic funny and relevant. While the topic of abortion is talked about with jokes and funny situations, it is not handled lightly. Veronica is constantly reminded of the hardships she faces as a 17 year old girl in the Midwest looking for this type of procedure. Some of the characters along the way try to stop her from having an abortion, and those situations show how dangerous this can be for someone who doesn’t have the resources to receive the help they need. 

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