“My life was an unending, unchanging midnight.”

In this Twilight retelling, readers finally get a glimpse into Edward Cullen’s mind. Along with the original story told through Bella Swan’s point of view, there are some new scenes that help fill in some of the gaps of the original story, which only brings readers closer to the characters. Readers watch as this sleepless immortal falls in love with a human girl, and his struggle to keep her safe while his fellow vampires, unforeseen circumstances, and his own blood lust endanger her life every second they are together. 

Fans of Twilight will love to read the familiar story told through new eyes. Meyer does a good job of differentiating the voices in this same story, and giving readers a peek at Edward’s mind. While this book does not cover the entire Twilight Saga, reading this will help fans understand the way Edward makes decisions, and bring more clarity to many of the unanswered questions posed by the original series. 


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